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Which material or brand is you?


Choosing the right material for your new benchtop is an important decision.  Our Range of Stone Benchtops offer the a high luxury look while remaining affordable.  Perhaps you prefer a different brand of quartz benchtop such as Caesarstone, Trendstone, Smartstone or maybe you just love natural stone so a gorgeous unique Marble Benchtop would suit you best? Statement piece stone slabs are also on the increase such as Brazilian Quartzite's. 

Whatever you are looking for we have all the options covered.  Our latest manufacturing equipment including a state of the art waterjet machine means we can produce 'perfect' stone benchtops at extremely competitive prices.  We always have at least 1000 slabs in stock so finding something is easy, we are Sydney's Northern Beaches one stop stone benchtop solution.

Statuario Quartz.jpeg
Engineered Stone and Quartz Benchtops

Engineered Stone or Engineered Quartz such as Trendstone, Caesarstone, Silestone, or Smart Stone are brands of man made materials.  The prices vary dramatically from brand to brand.  The important thing is to ensure that the brand you buy has a high quartzite level and not too much resin.

Slabs can be as little as $700 per slab going up to $3500 per slab.  We have options for every budget and cost isn't always an indicator on the best brand for your application.  Contact us for more information on how we can help with your selection.  We have the exclusive Trendstone range, Australia's most realistic engineered stone range on display in our huge stone slab showroom.

Marble table
Marble Benchtops


Marble is a natural material that has stood the test of time.  From ancient times marble has been used to decorate some of the worlds most beautiful buildings.

We want to dispel some of the myth around Marble not being suitable for benchtops.  We provide our clients with a free 'sealed' sample that they can take home and pour red wine and oil on to see how when the material is sealed properly it doesn't mark or stain. 

When buying marble benchtops from Stone Benchtops Sydney everything is sealed BEFORE it leaves our factory. Marble varies dramatically in price and can start at $700 per slab going up to $10,000 per slab, we have something affordable whatever your budget.

Super White Dolomite.jpg
Natural Quartz and Dolomite Benchtops

Some of natures natural Quartzites and Dolomites have to be seen to be believed.  The way the material is formed through nature creates a unique look suitable for so many different applications.  Super White Dolomite is one of Australia's most popular Stone Benchtop surfaces.

If its for your new kitchen or bathroom, feature wall, or floor this hard wearing and beautiful natural stone really is a show stopper.

More similar to granite in its hardness yet able to retain the look of softer marble, natural quartz and dolomite slabs are becoming more popular for benchtop's worldwide.

Costs can vary from $2500.00 per slab to $15000.00 per slab

Limestone Benchtops

Limestone is another material that has been used for thousand of years.  The small markings and fossils are often the skeletal remains of marine animals along with coral and shells which gives limestone its unique look.  Formed over tens of thousands of years limestone is quarried in many parts of the world.

Limestone is softer than some other materials however, once sealed it is protected against staining.  If you love the honed look we feel limestone is better as a honed finish than a polished finish, however you can achieve a nice polish on most limestone's.  Once again, as with the marble options we are happy to provide a sealed sample you can use and abuse at home to prove its durability.  Limestone Benchtops can be some of the most affordable options we have to offer yet the appearance doesn't suffer.  Come and have a look today.

Granite and Basalt Benchtops

Granite is much more popular in the USA and UK than in Australia.  The main reason is due to the hardness of the stone itself.  While granite doesn't give you the same look of Marble it is equally as beautiful.  Granite can be extremely affordable and also fairly expensive.  As a general rule for granite if it looks expensive it normally is.

Granite slabs can be as little as $1200.00 each going up to $6000.00 per slab.  Have a look through our current range, you are also welcome to come and inspect the slabs in person.

Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain is best known for its use as a tile.  Manufacturers are now pushing porcelain benchtops.  They are light, none porous and very strong, however, the cost of these at the moment means you won't save much compared to using the real thing.  While we stock and offer porcelain as an option for benchtops we just can't see it as a better alternative to other materials.

Porcelain slabs start from $1500.00 up to around $3500.00 per slab. 

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